TheBiz Advantage with Lara Wellman 


  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly accountability
  • Feedback when you need it
  • Monthly online workshops and accountability sessions
  • Monthly training with industry experts
  • An exclusive supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand and want to help

Ready for the best business un-course ever?

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The Biz Advantage encourages me to keep putting time into my professional development. The weekly calls and the frequent uploads to the library act as prompts for me to check out what's available. The Biz Advantage has made a huge difference in my business productivity and satisfaction. ~ Elizabeth Howell

"Being part of The Biz Advantage group lessens the anxiety and overwhelm that can creep in and take over as a business owner. The knowledge that Lara is never too far, ready to give advice, suggestions, to turn the uncertainty back towards me to help me find my own answers, or send out a request for expert help in a certain field to her wider network - is comforting. And I love having the rest of the group at my fingertips to directly put a question out to, to learn from their experiences and helping them succeed by being part of their tribe of support." ~ Angèle Jodouin 


Running a business is harder than you ever thought it would be.

You're great at the thing you started the business to do (i.e., designing, baking cakes, helping babies sleep, selling dresses, etc.) but you don't know about all the other parts of running a business:

 * Planning * Marketing * Hiring/Outsourcing * Productivity * Financial Forecasting * Sales

And you don't have time to take all kinds of courses. You just want to be able to ask questions when you need answers, watch trainings when you need trainings, and have a safe space to go to for questions, input and advice.

That's what the Biz Advantage is designed to do!  

Join the Biz Advantage!

The Biz Advantage is an UNcourse because it's not a linear program that you have to work through module by module (and feel guilty if you let it slide for awhile.)  

It gives you weekly access to a business coach, as well as accountability and community support in the Facebook Group, and access to trainings (live and in the ever growing library) on topics like marketing, sales, mindset, planning, finances, packaging, and overwhelm.  

It's the content you need when you need it. No more buying a course and not having time to go through all the content - this is specifically designed for someone who is busy and wants to be pointed in the right directions and get feedback on what they're trying and what they can do next!


Weekly coaching calls are on Mondays and alternate times to accomodate time zones, different work schedules and holidays. All dates are available in the Facebook Group for the program as well as in a Google Calendar that members have access to.

This is one of the cheapeast ways possible to get personalized feedback from a business coach.

Lara's coaching style and the way she presents information is very relatable and easy to take in. She gets you thinking and gives you lots of good, straightforward, digestible information that you can and will use. She does this with support and relatable real-world examples. ~Barbi Defazio, Red Raspberry Studios

"As a solopreneur branching out into a new professional role, I am so grateful for the Biz Advantage. I can't think of any other way that I would have learned so much about things I had no idea I needed to learn about. Really!  

I feel that I am very well taught and supported, both by Lara herself, and by other members of the group. This allows me to move forward with my exciting new venture with greater confidence and skill than would otherwise have been possible. Joining the Biz Advantage was an incredibly worthwhile investment in myself and my business." ~ Stephanie Sewell 


Lara will be connecting weekly with members via email and Facebook to get you making regular priority and accountability lists and FOLLOWING UP to see how things went. 

Accountability is one of the things business owners need the most to keep working ON their businesses instead of just focusing on the work they do IN their businesses. Stop trying to do it all alone and get a team on your side.

"The Biz Advantage was my step into learning the things about business that could help take the stress out of running a business. What should I be doing? How should I be doing it? What should my pricing look like?  

The coaching from Lara and the strategy I learned helped me get clear on next steps, on my pricing and on setting goals for my business, and that helped me get to the place where I was able to achieve those goals (one of which was working with Lara one on one, which I'm doing now!) and making the money I was making in my corporate job!" ~ Pamela George, Financial Literacy and Credit Counsellor 


Don't do this alone. Really.

You need a community of support where you feel safe asking questions, admitting you don't know what to do next and where you know someone will have the answers you need or knows where you can find them. 

We're stronger together - a support network is key to business success.

Who is this program for?

If you are:  

  • Ready to grow your business and learn new marketing and business strategies to create the right plans and action steps to get there;  
  • Uncertain about what to do next to start feeling more confident in your business direction and strategies;  
  • Wishing you had someone to get feedback from and ask your questions to instead of having to search online to find random and confusing answers.;  
  • The kind of business owner who works better when someone is holding you accountable to taking the actions you said you wanted to take in your business;  
  • Tired of buying expensive programs and not completing the work, or feeling like the only options are expensive and will require more work from you than you have time to do; 
  • Not quite ready to work one on one with a business coach or to join a small group mastermind program;

This program was designed for you!

Who is this program NOT for?

If you are:  

  • Wanting one-on-one attention in a private setting with a coach; 
  • Feeling pretty satisfied with the support and advice you get in the free groups you're a part of;
  • Not feeling comfortable enough to spend money on a program right now;

This program wasn't designed for you, at least not on its own. You may want to consider working one on one with Lara instead or spending more time in the Biz Studio Community. 

It's time to get the support your need to find your business success! Choose your access NOW >>

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My name is Lara Wellman and I am a certified Business Coach and the founder of The Biz Studio. I believe that the support of a community can make all the difference for a business owner.  

I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade and have run a variety of businesses, including an online and bricks and mortar clothing store, a blog for parents in the National Capital Region and a social media consulting company. I know what it's like to run a business, and I can help you with yours.  

I strongly believe that to run a business you enjoy running you need to first know what you want your whole life to look like. I always begin there, with the goal of helping you create a life, both personal and business, that helps you reach your personal and business goals and that you enjoy instead of dreading. Together we can get you there!

Imagine getting to a point where your business fits perfectly into the life you’ve always dreamed of having!  

It is possible: by taking time to make more intentional decisions about your business.  

It’s not always about making money; in fact, many of my clients are already quite successful when they approach me! But they:  

  • Are not necessarily doing what they want to be doing; or
  • Feel ready for more, or 
  • Are ready or some kind of change; and are not quite sure how to get there.  

Regardless of where you are in your business, I will become your dedicated partner and empower you to:  

  • Stop spinning your wheels—and take control of your business,
  • Focus on what matters most to you, and
  • Fall (back!) in love with your business.  

I can't wait to get to know you inside The Biz Advantage!

Accountability moments! This is what I need! I don’t know why I need it, but I do. Thank you for providing it to me. ~ Jacquie Bushell , Ottawa Mortgage Specialist

I always learn something during Lara's coaching calls! I pick up strategies from the other participants and am exposed to resources that I otherwise would not have found. Lara keeps us on task by bringing all of our conversations back to the principles of running a good business. I get a lot of value out of the calls. ~ Elizabeth Howell

Imagine the feeling of confidence

So exciting

As part of the Biz Advantage you know you have somewhere to go get what you need when you need it.

No more wondering who will have the answers.

No more thinking there's no way to get things done. 

No more spinning wheels without a way out of the muck.

You will find the support network and tools you need to take the actions you need when you're ready to take them - and that will take away so much of the overwhelm when it comes to deciding what to next, or figuring out why you are never taking action on your big plans and goals. 

Commit to the support when you need it

The Biz Advantage is a quarterly membership subscription program and costs $497 (or sign up for 6 months and get 2 bonus 1-hour coaching calls with Lara!)

 Monthly Industry Experts Every month you will have access to a Biz Studio online training or workshop with a guest expert. 

Accountability The Biz Studio team will be running weekly accountability threads to help you stay on top of the most pressing actions in your business. 

Training Library The library of Biz Studio trainings is at your disposal and will continue to grow and evolve. Facebook Lives, blog posts as well as exclusive trainings will be catalogued by topic and subject in a password protected site. 

training library of business resources

Weekly Coaching Calls Join Lara Wellman once a week for a group coaching call where you can ask for advice, brainstorm, or get support on whatever business topics are top of mind. 

Community Support and feedback is available whenever you need it from Lara and the Biz Studio team in the Biz Advantage Facebook Group.

Personalined attention

Personalized Attention This group will always be intimate enough that Lara and the team will get to know you and your business; they will be there to provide feedback and tools for where you're at right now in your business journey.


Join the Biz Advantage

Questions & Answers

When are the calls? Mostly on Mondays and Fridays and the call times alternate to accomodate different time zones and working schedules. 

When are the workshops? There is a monthly event in the Biz Advantage. Many months it is an accountability session but some months have extra workshops on topics such as: Storytelling, Sales, Content mind-mapping, and short and long term planning.

What is the minimum amount of time I can be a member? You sign up in 3 or 6 month blocks and you can cancel any time if you don't want your membership to autorenew (but you don't get a refund for unused time).

How will I ever get through all the content/keep up? The beauty of this program is you aren't expected to. You come and take what you need when you need it. 

What happens if you (Lara) can't make a call? From time to time this will happen. On rare occasions the weekly call may be cancelled but for the most part there will be a replacement person running the call who will also have great insight and knowledge to share with the group. On Mondays that are holidays, there will not be a coaching call for the week.

Where will the extra content be found? There is a password protected web page where you can find all the content.

How is this different than the Biz Studio Community? The Biz Studio Community is much larger group. The Biz Advantage will be a smaller group with more personalized attention, and for many will feel like a safer space to share draft content ask for advice, etc. Lara will be available daily in the Biz Advantage, along with members of her team. Her availability for personalized attention in the Biz Studio community will continue to diminish as both this group and that group grow in size.

What is the investment? You become a member for 3 or 6 months at a time and the cost is $495 or $890 - by far the least expensive way to get regular access to Lara - a business coach to get insight and support in your business! 


It's time to get the support you need to find your business success! What are you waiting for? Choose your access NOW!