The Big Push

“Pushing through the resistance to create the business you are meant to have.”

Do you want to rise to the next level in business? Make more money? Work less? Do more of what you love? 

Are you wondering why you can’t make the changes you need to? What’s in your way? 

Why does the idea of growing your business send you straight to Netflix for hours instead of doing what needs to be done? 

Lara Wellman and Jessica Keats are bringing 10 business owners like you together to give them The Big Push forward they need to change all that! 

This program is twelve weeks of digging in, finding your resistance and removing the blocks that are holding you back. You will no longer need to hide these parts of yourself; you will have a supportive team of coaches and a group of like-minded business peers to help you move towards freedom from your fears, self-deprecating thoughts, and false beliefs. This is The Big Push you've been waiting for. 

We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s been holding you back and propel you forward to the business you are meant to have.

Our Commitment  

We (Lara and Jessica) promise to work together to help you create goals and strategies to move you forward, and to find the resistance and triggers that might be holding you back from actually achieving them (and then we’ll help you start to clear them!). We promise to engage you, keep you accountable, and provide focus, so you can show up and do your best work to further your goals and dreams. Your Commitment  

By signing up for The Big Push you are committing to being ready to dig deep, to looking at your resistance, to feeling messy at times, and to being honest with what is coming up inside you.  

You are committing to being on the calls and showing up to each one-on-one session.  

You are committing to doing the work we are asking of you, taking the steps needed and communicating your needs truthfully and fully so we can help you reach your goals.  

The Big Push - Kicks Off September 2019

• Two virtual sessions with Business Coach, Lara Wellman.  

• Three sessions with Healer, Jessica Keats (in-person or via Zoom).  

• 11 group calls via zoom on Wednesdays at 12 noon ET

• Three Hour virtual kick off in September via Zoom. During this three hour session we will connect with each other as a group, dig deep and figure out what we’re looking to create during this program.

• Closed Facebook Group for participants and coaches to connect and remain accountable throughout the program. 

Pricing: $3500 + HST Make a $500 now to hold your spot! 

Sessions will begin the week of September 16th with a 3 hour intensive, followed by weekly 90 minute calls to be held on Wednesdays from 1-2:30 pm EST

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