Ready Set GO!

Ready Set GO!

Get ready to feel confident, learn skills, create a road map, and TAKE ACTION in your business! 

This summer join a group of like-minded business owners as you set the stage for big growth in your business. To do what? To make more money, love your business, and find and take the time for yourself and your loved ones (instead of feeling trapped by your business).  

This program will touch on all the main areas that slow business owners down and stop them from figuring out what’s next and how they’re going to get there. It includes training, support, accountability, and creating a path that will get you to a place where you are ready to create the success you’ve always dreamed of for your business.  

It's community support. It's training. It's coaching. It's the safe container you need to fully step into your amazing business and all the opportunities around you! 


This program is for you if...  

You are 100% willing to do the work internally and utilize the tools given to you. You crave being surrounded by other like-minded, dedicated entrepreneurs. You know the energy itself is life-changing. You’re ready to be ready, “I want change and growth and know support with get me there.” No. More. Waiting. 

Are you ready?

I’m ready to feel more confident in my business. I take 100% personal + energetic responsibility for my results. I’m ready to invest in myself and my business. I’m ready to try new ways to have everything I desire. I’m ready for a community of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs. I’m ready to receive support and be of service. I’m ready to full supported. I’m ready to commit to taking action. This is the right time for a program like this. This program is the right fit for me (the program content and working with Lara).

Here's what's included:

Six group coaching calls from 1-2:30 pm on July 2, 16, 30th, and August 13, 27th; and September 10th 

Two full day intensive workshops; June 18th and August 20th

One coaching session with Lara Wellman

12 Trainings (a combination of live/pre-recorded) with Lara and others guest experts on various business topics including Marketing, Pricing, Sales, Visibility, Mindset, Systems, Time-management, Accountability, Taking Action, Increasing income 

Private Facebook Group  


Ready Set GO....

I'm ready to GO!
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