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Virtual Planning Day 2019

Biz Advantage 3-month package  

  •  Three months in the Biz Advantage  

$495 every three months!*

*$495 will charge again after 3 months for a subsequent 3 month period, but can be cancelled at any time prior to the renewal date.  

Price includes tax! If you need a formal invoice, email us and we’ll send you one.  


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Biz Advantage 6-month package 

  •  Six months in the Biz Advantage  

$890 every six months!**

**$890 will charge again after 6 months for a subsequent 6 month period, but can be cancelled at any time prior to the renewal date. 6-month renewal also includes 1x one-hour coaching call with Lara.

Price includes tax! If you need a formal invoice, email us and we’ll send you one.  

Kind words about Lara

Elizabeth Howell

Lara knows exactly how to take a big business dream and break it down into simple steps to help you achieve it. 

After a year of working with her, my productivity has soared. I also have more clarity about what I need to do to generate the life I want. Lara is so helpful in making sure that your business supports your lifestyle. 

She teaches you to make choices to support both your professional and personal goals, including making time for family members, friends and personal commitments such as exercising. 

Investing in Lara's services will bring you a huge return -- not only financially, but also in terms of life satisfaction.

Amanda Spencer OneFish Creative 

Lara Wellman has been integral to a number of big decisions in my business in the past 6 months. I've worked with Lara in a couple of one on one sessions and attended her 2017 Planning Day. She has helped give my business focus very quickly and has guided me through the process of making choices for it based on what I envision and what I want rather than what I thought I needed to do. In a short time I've found a passion for my industry that I thought I had lost and – even more importantly – a deep knowing of my value within it.  

Thank you, Lara.

Sarah Hampel Maman Chic 

I first reached out to Lara in the Fall of 2016. My business had been open for 12 months and sales weren’t increasing like I had hoped. While my dream had always been to own a clothing store, the reality was that I had no background in business or marketing… and I knew I needed help!  

Lara was super easy to connect with, always challenged me with her tough questions and has completely changed the way I run my business.  

Because of Lara, I feel like I have a better understanding of my ideal client and how to market my business and products to her, I have a (growing) e-mail list to which I send scheduled e-mails and I am now utilizing my business blog. And to top it all off, my sales have exceeded my target for the last 4 months!  

I feel organized and confident as a business owner, and Lara had so much to do with that. I highly recommend her one-on-one coaching program. Thank you so much Lara!

The Biz Studio Philosophy

The Biz Studio

Your life. Your biz. Your way.

Your life. If you wait to figure out what you want your life to look like until after you’ve created your business and career, the chances of them working well together is nothing more than chance. When you are intentional and have a vision for your life, you can build a business that is designed to support the life you want, financially and with regards to your time and flexibility. Your life should not come second to your business, it’s the place to start. Your biz. Being a business owner is often about wanting to do more of what we’re good at or what we see as a need in the world, and less about knowing we’d be great at running a business. Knowing what to do to run a successful business isn’t something we’re all born with. It’s something we need to learn. Get the support you need to figure out where you should be spending your time so that your business can thrive. Your way. There’s no one way to success. Over and over again, I see people getting frustrated trying to do something the way they think it should be done, or by using someone else’s method, even if it isn’t working for them. Because there is no one perfect method to success, you need to find YOUR path, you need to find YOUR next right step. That’s what The Biz Studio is going to help you do.  

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